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What Is a
Dedicated Server?

Indicating that the server's resources are not shared, a dedicated server is a standalone physical computer with hardware resources and Internet connection that is only used by one server tenant. Your company may benefit from a dedicated server's robust, dependable hardware as well as the secure connectivity that your mission-critical applications need. Because you don't share your processing power or connectivity with anybody else,
your server's operations and performance use all hardware resources and burst speeds. "Dedicated servers from Wiretree provide your business all the benefits of a high-end server while providing the functionality of an in-house server without the hassles of hardware maintenance." With a dedicated server, you may access remotely through the Internet and perform any server-based function you desire. A dedicated server may store and backup important data as well as host websites, apps, and services. Additionally, specific internal services like file servers or dedicated networks can be hosted on dedicated servers.

What You Get With Wiretree

A minimum of one public IP address and total root/administrator access to the operating system of your choosing are included in Wiretree's dedicated server packages. We give a minimum of 5TB of monthly bandwidth as well as a 100Mbps or 1Gbps port connection in each of our packages since our dedicated servers are designed to handle heavy traffic.

What Advantages Come With Having Your Own Dedicated Server?

Dedicated servers are the only ones that provide you total access to full control over a whole server, offering them the most potent infrastructure hosting option available. No other option compares to the performance and versatility of this one.

Dedicated Server

Benefits of Having Your Own Budget Hosting
Dedicated Server

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Security on a dedicated server is higher than it is in any other hosting environment. Due to their exclusivity and single user's total control, these servers are more secure than multi-tenant systems like cloud or virtual hosting. Applications that deal with sensitive data, such as purchase orders, personal information, and financial information, as well as those that must follow to regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, HITECH, and PCI DSS, should pay particular attention to this.

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With a dedicated server, you have total control over the server's resources, so you can rest easy knowing that your website or application is operating at peak efficiency. This indicates that the whole processing capacity of your server is dedicated to you. Your website or application's performance, loading time, task management, and traffic handling will all be considerably enhanced by a dedicated server.

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Everything on the server, including the host, RAM, and storage capacity, may be changed. A minimum of one public IP address and total root/administrator access to the operating system of your choosing are included in Wiretree's dedicated server packages. All of our packages include a minimum of 5TB of monthly bandwidth and a 100Mbps or 1Gbps port connection since our dedicated servers are designed to handle a lot of traffic.

What Can You Do With a Dedicated Server?

For individuals that demand maximum performance, a dedicated server is suitable. They are capable of handling and hosting high-traffic websites, online apps, and any other situation that necessitates speed, security, and management. With a remote dedicated server, you can make your web services and apps available to consumers and users all over the world.

Bare Metal Server and the Required Application

For all of your hosting needs, Bare metal servers offer the best combination of great performance and low cost, as well as a secure environment. Our dedicated servers are bare metal computers that come pre-installed with your selected operating system. Additionally, we supply you with extra tools and programs so that your server is ready to use the moment you receive it.

The following programs are pre-installed:

  •   Windows Server Manager
  •   MSSQL (if ordered, additional fees apply)
  •   IIS, Internet Information Services
  •   cPanel (if ordered, additional fees apply)
  •   Apache HTTP
  •   MySQL Database
  •   PHP, phpMyAdmin
  •   Sendmail

Dedicated Servers: Bare Metal, Cloud, and Custom Budget Hosting

Wiretree's Dedicated Servers are a budget way to provide an unique collection of resources totally dedicated to your IT needs. Our bare metal servers provide the following advantages.

  •   Reasonable pricing, free installation assistance
  •   24/7 Customer Support and Hardware Replacement
  •   With a 7-day money-back guarantee and a 100% uptime SLA
  •   BComplete Root Access and Customized Solutions

Wiretree,s provides Dedicated Server and cloud hosting that is fast, trustworthy, and affordable. Our dedicated servers include up to 10 terabytes of traffic, 500GB of storage, a variety of Linux and Windows servers, and more. They cost as little as $70.00. Click here to compare dedicated server plans.

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